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A car service is a very common maintenance check-up which is done at particular time intervals at least twice or thrice every year or specifically after a vehicle has covered a particular number of Kms. Every car manufacturer eases the schedule of car servicing by providing service intervals with the help of a service schedule that a person can simply follow. The servicing includes replacing old parts and fluids including live inspections to check whether key components are in good working shape or need replacement. When we talk aboutPatna there are numerouscar repair services centres. However, on an average the centresare costly, which makes people think twice before getting their car serviced. Wheels Play, a topcar service centre in Patna, provides cheap and efficient service packages. One should always get their cars serviced as there are variety of advantages related to regular servicing.

Better resale value

Cars with a full-service history are more attractive to potential buyers and tend topossessa better value.

More reliable

Regular checks of key components and therefore the replacement of worn parts will detect and remove any problemswhich can occur.

Smoother engine

Changing the engine oil and the oil filter at least once a year will increase the efficiency of the car parts better and help to extend fuel usage.

Improved braking

Callipers, Brake pads, and Discs are important components of the braking system which are checkedin a car service to check whether their working is up to the mark


If one requires car care services at their doorstep, then one should prefer using the expertise offered at Wheels Play dealing with various vehicles incorporating the latest automotive technologies.

  •   Wheels Playmake use of their skills and Collective Potential to Improve the overall Automotive Service Experience of their customers
  •   The Repairmen and Technicians have only one aim which is to provide the best service for every customer.
  •   Wheels Playpromise to Treat a customer’s Vehicle as their Own.
  •   The Repairmen never Compromise the Vehicle Performance and the Driver’s Safety.
  •   One can expect a Great Service in a reasonable Price.

Servicing & Maintenance are key to make sure any car whether new or oldis always in the absolute best condition. That’s why Wheels play provide an exclusive range of service options so one can travel the roads without any unexpected problems or breakdowns in the middle of the road. Wheels play is a modern multi-brand car repair services centre in Patna. The centre takes immense pride in themselves to offer their customers with the best services at a reasonable rate without compromising on the quality of service offered. Wheels play has a youthful yet skilled team of repairmen who have the sole purpose of providing top level client satisfaction by servicing the vehicle according to the client’s needs.

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At Wheels Play one can experience First class Services as the technicians aim toprovide levels of car repair services in Patna which would ensure customers enjoy a secure and pleasant driving experience. ThisMulti Brand Car Repair service centre in Patna,provide a varied range of services for cars of all types and models be it old or new. Wheels Play specialize in offering car services including Wheel Alignment Service, Car Body Repair, Engine Repair, Denting and Painting, Brake Repair, Car Grooming, Roadside Assistance, Tyre Repair and far more.


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